Schindler 3300 Elevator Benefits

Schindler 3300 Elevator Benefits

Perfect for low-to mid-rise commercial and residential buildings, Schindler 3300 combines state-of-the-art engineering with smart, attractive aesthetics.

Schindler 3300 offers a variety of advantages for architects, contractors, building owners and of course, the occupants of your building.

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We put a premium on design, without charging a premium. Distinct collections. Unmatched possibilities.

Conceptualized by an Italian designer, Schindler 3300’s sophisticated cab design is impressive yet understated. Simple yet refined with design palettes to suit any style or building décor.  We can bring your vision to life.

  • A wide selection of durable baked enamels or colorful laminate finishes in five distinct palettes, as well as a stylish brushed stainless steel cab
  • Elegant curved handrails are available in painted, brushed or polished aluminum finishes
  • Fixtures are composed of metallic-finished buttons with stylish, tempered safety glass panels, back-printed in white, to give Schindler 3300 a contemporary, modern look while meeting all applicable codes.

Create a look and feel that is truly one of a kind. Quickly. Schindler 3300 keeps lead-times down and artistic expression high.


Noticeably quiet.  Beautifully fluid. Energy efficient.

The features of Schindler 3300 are designed to meet the needs of architects, general contractors and passengers – individually and collectively – while consuming less energy and generating less noise.

Schindler’s exclusive engineering provides smooth, quiet operation for the most comfortable ride experience – floor by floor, stop by stop – enabling the elevator to glide peacefully through your building virtually unnoticed. Schindler 3300 requires a small hoist machine and inverter which saves more space compared to previous drive systems. It is installed directly in the overhead and does not require a separate machine room or control closet.

Suspension Traction Media (STM), which consists of metal cables sheathed in a non-circular EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) jacket, are flexible and require a much smaller traction sheave diameter than steel cables, resulting in a much smaller motor. Economical in its use of energy and space.


Up to 5% more usable interior cab space. Designed to minimize. Engineered to maximize.

As architects, designers and engineers around the world can attest, the Schindler 3300 is designed to minimize the space required for mechanical equipment while maximizing the square footage of the cab interior.

Schindler 3300 was intelligently engineered to create more space and more comfort. Because the control is distributed throughout the system and the inspection and test panel is located in the top landing hoistway door jamb, Schindler 3300 needs no machine room or control closet.  Schindler 3300 fits neatly into the footprint of a hydraulic elevator, giving your building more usable space and greater design flexibility.  

Thanks to the new Suspension Traction Media (STM), there is room for the machine and drive directly in the elevator hoistway, allowing hydraulic-sized shafts to be utilized. What’s more, it requires minimum overhead, eliminating unsightly structures on your roof.

Schindler 3300 gives you more usable space and can help to reduce construction costs.


Peace of mind comes standard. Distinctively built. Reliably safe.

Safety, quality and reliability are built into every Schindler 3300. Each elevator is designed and manufactured to meet or exceed the most stringent local/national codes and undergoes strict safety inspection tests to ensure its quality and performance.

Automatic evacuation is a standard feature. Even in the event of a power failure, Schindler 3300 will take you safely to the next floor. 

Ease of Installation

A well-thought-out process. Delivered complete. Quickly installed.

The Schindler 3300 is delivered complete and all at once, just in time for when the building is ready for the elevator installation. The innovative pre-installation process improves the predictability and efficiency of the installation.

Our certified, factory-trained installation specialists follow consistent processes and procedures to ensure a safe, reliable on-time installation. No cranes or scaffolding are required, and the entire system is ready in about two weeks.


Keeping it all running smoothly. Perpetually moving. Continually monitoring.

Schindler 3300 combines proven engineering and smooth performance with the best service in the industry. From our integrated maintenance delivery technology to our highly-trained technicians, you can expect fewer callbacks, fewer inconveniences and less downtime.

On-board sensors monitor equipment 24 hours a day with Schindler Ahead. This powerful tool can often identify a problem, map out a solution and dispatch a technician to the site, sometimes before you’re even aware of the problem.

The wireless capabilities of Schindler FieldLink™ give your technician unlimited access to virtually any information needed to complete your maintenance quickly and accurately.

The availability and fast delivery of spare parts for all types of equipment means you can concentrate on your business while we take care of your elevators.