Schindler 3300 XL MRL traction elevator

  • Schindler Product Facts
    Low- to mid-rise elevator market
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Capacity: 3,500 to 5,000 pounds;
    25 to 31 passengers
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Travel height: up to 108' and 13 stops;
    24 openings max
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Speed: 150/200 FPM
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Supports: Schindler Ahead

The Schindler 3300 XL is a proven product expanded to better serve the low- and mid-rise commercial, hospital and service applications building markets with larger car, entrance and deco options.

  • Gearless/frequency controlled drive

*Available in select markets at this time.

3300 XL - Space Optimization

Space optimization

Roomier cars for greater passenger comfort and MRL design returning more usable building space. In general passenger service, roomier cars significantly enhance rider comfort. In hospital, hospitality and service applications; larger cars easily accommodate stretchers, luggage carts and other material handling equipment. 

Schindler 3300 XL - Understated elegance

Class A characteristics

Elevate your building with tall cars, entrances and center opening doors on a 4,000 lb General Purpose configuration, accommodating IBC 2009 and greater stretchers. All this sophistication with simple, quick and efficient ordering to installation processes.

Understated elegance

Refined and stylish without being trendy. The Schindler 3300 XL seamlessly integrates Italian design with precision Swiss engineering, all while being able to accommodate as much as 1,350 lbs in additional weight.

Schindler 3300 XL - Eco-friendly

Superior performance

Quieter, smoother traction technology combined with expanded service capacity and range. Passengers will notice the better ride. Building owners will appreciate the increased capabilities.


Designed with sustainability and energy efficiency in mind, the Schindler 3300 XL is up to 60% more efficient than a hydraulic elevator, and available with optional regenerative drive.

Schindler 3300 XL

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