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The Schindler Ahead range of products ensures that you are ready for the future and have active communication in a closed loop information system. All while providing the latest in analytics and expert services, and emergency and monitoring services.

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Schindler Ahead CUBE

With the CUBE your equipment becomes smart and connected. Relevant machine data like door movement or lifecycle utilization are securely collected, pre-analyzed, and transmitted to the Cloud Platform. And more, the CUBE runs apps, streams multimedia content, and even handles emergency voice calls.

Ahead ActionBoard

Schindler Ahead ActionBoard

Turn information into action. The Schindler Ahead ActionBoard shows status, ongoing activities, performance indicators and usage statistics of your equipment portfolio. Act in real-time on events and define who of your tenants and partners will be informed automatically on equipment status changes.


Schindler Ahead FieldLink

Benefit from a digitally equipped workforce. Schindler’s award winning Digital Tool Case FieldLink provides service technicians with all the necessary information for proactive and high-quality service.

Elevated Support Professional (ESP)

Schindler Ahead Elevated Support Professional (ESP)

Real-time support from Schindler's team of experts. Only available for enhanced and premium Schindler Ahead service customers.

Coming Soon!

Ahead BlackBoardInformation and advertising display platform located outside of elevator and escalator areas to provide relevant information for building tenants.
Ahead DoorShowInformation and advertising solution for your elevator doors.
Ahead LogBookAll your important documents stored in one easy to access digital repository.
Ahead AdspotEscalator advertising platform for shopping malls and public areas.
Ahead E-visionIn-car indicator and infotainment system.
Ahead KeyBuilding access solutions.