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myPORT Mobile Solutions Revolutionize Transit Through Buildings

myPORT is a totally new way to move through the built environment – with major implications for new building design. The smartphone-based application known as myPORT allows building owners much greater security and occupants much more freedom than ever before.

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Responsive mobile platform

myPORT, a unique smartphone-based service for personal mobility offers a seamless four-step identity verification on entry, and “e-banking level” security is provided with no inconvenience to the user. Once inside the building, myPORT allows users to move throughout the building just by keeping their smartphones on their person. Occupants have more freedom and convenience than ever before and building owners get greater access control.

Schindler’s myPORT is in constant communication with the building’s PORT Technology elevator interface to provide building owners, managers, tenants and visitors with real-time information. With myPORT, users gain convenience, security and comfort with features that can be programmed to:

  • Verify user identity and summon an elevator based on their needs and preferences.
  • Anticipate user requirements with personalized features such as turning on and off lights, or locking and unlocking doors as the user arrives.
  • Send special authorization codes via SMS text messages to grant access to building visitors.
Port terminal

Features and benefits

Mobility solutions - From predictive call entry to touch-less operation, Schindler's myPORT provides the solutions to move people more efficiently.

Personalized service -allows for individual profiles which provide unmatched flexibility and unique personal service opportunities for the user.

Access control -can play a significant role in managing and controlling access within your building.

Building owners can unlock additional capabilities for myPORT by pairing it with Schindler’s PORT Technology visitor station:

  • Image and voice of building guests can be sent from the lobby directly to the myPORT phone of the host to obtain access, even if the host is offsite.
  • Users can grant admission to delivery personnel or other visitors with a button in myPORT that opens the outer door, assigns a pre-programmed elevator and even unlocks the apartment or office door, if desired.
  • The customizable features within myPORT carry specific benefits for people with special needs whose journey can be controlled from the smartphone.

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