Elevators & escalators for multi-family buildings

Schindler's reliable solutions help move residents through your building at all times of the day, including the busy morning and evening rush. We minimize wait time, provide reliable transportation & offer a comfortable ride experience to enhance your residents' quality of life.

Partnering with you

Whether it's a small residential modernization or a new high-rise landmark building, Schindler works directly with architects, contractors and owners to determine the right solution for the job.

Turning a building into a home

Schindler knows that for the tenants of your project, it's not just another building, it's home.

Our solutions - the smooth ride of 3300, the personalization of The PORT Technology - help make home a place residents never want to leave.

516 Lakeshore Drive

516 Lakeshore Drive

Schindler will install its PORT Technology at 516 Lakeshore Drive in Chicago. A 45-story, 500-unit luxury rental apartment tower, it is the first building in Chicago to benefit from Schindler’s award-winning destination dispatch elevator technology.

Schindler's PORT Technology transforms the way occupants navigate and move around the building while increasing efficiency and energy savings.

“The convenience and luxury this new system will offer our residents is fundamental to the high standard of living we provide.” - President, real estate development company for the project

Splendido at Rancho VistosoSplendido at Rancho Vistoso

Splendido at Rancho Vistoso

Metropolitan Tucson has seen rapid growth in its senior population. Residential villages like Splendido at Rancho Vistoso offer affordable housing, amenities, living assistance, and classes.

Eight Schindler 330A™ elevators for low-rise buildings deliver smooth, reliable performance in the three-story structures. Selected for their quality, value and performance, the elevators are also attractive, with interiors that are fitted with a bronze tapestry treatment to fit the community's high-end décor.

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