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Wide, shiny bright steps that move. Thick rubber handles. Sides that you can see yourself in. A moving playground? No, an escalator. A child can make a game out of almost anything and escalators are no exception. Although you know that an escalator is not a toy, many children do not. Following these simple guidelines will make the ride more pleasant and safe for children.

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Kids on elevators

Kids on elevators
The rules for riding elevators are about the same for kids as they are for adults.

  • It's a good idea for children to be especially careful around the doors.
  • Kids should never put their hands or feet into the area between the moving door and the adjacent door jamb.
  • Kids should never to try to stop a closing door by putting their hand or foot in its path.

Kids on escalators
When riding with a small child, hold his or her hand, or carry the child in one arm while holding the handrail with the other. Help children step onto and off of the escalator.

  • Do not allow children to sit on escalator steps  -  clothing or fingers can get caught.
  • Never let children ride on or play with the handrail.
  • Don't allow children to use an escalator unattended.
  • Don't allow children to walk or run up the "down" escalator or down the "up" escalator.
  • Don't let children drag their feet along an escalator's sides. No matter how tempting it is to make that distinctive "squeaky noise," a child's foot can become caught between the step and the side panel, causing serious injury.
  • Never take a stroller on an escalator. Use the elevator instead.


Ideas for building owners & managers

  • Keep an eye out for unsafe riding practices (by kids or adults) and take action to avoid accidents.
  • Don't place things adjacent to the escalators that will attract children.

Safe-T-Riders video

Teaching children how to ride elevators, escalators and moving walkways safely