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Schindler Ahead connects elevators and escalators - powered by GE Predix

Turning data into results

With Schindler Ahead, real-time data and insights turn into results for customers and passengers.

Schindler Ahead maximizes elevator & escalator uptime

Data generated from connected equipment provides advanced analytics enabling Schindler to predictively identify, analyze and resolve possible service issues before they occur. This reduces and eliminates downtime, saving you valuable time.

Schindler Ahead delivers elevator & escalator equipment insights

Building owners and facility managers have access to operational, performance and commercial data about their equipment portfolio, leading to increased communication for better building maintenance and management.

Schindler Ahead superior passenger experience

Interactive monitoring and connected devices provide a superior client experience. Schindler’s Technical Operations Center and web-based tools like Ahead ActionBoard enhance the communication.

Schindler Ahead controls costs

Potential cost savings from removal of analogue phone line during/after construction, with switch over to 4G connectivity. Reduction of unexpected or overtime shutdowns with a no running-on-arrival bill guarantee.

Key Benefits

Building Manager / Owner / Developer

  • High reliability and uptime improve overall building performance
  • Complete digital documentation of equipment portfolio
  • Access to Schindler's Elevated Support Team, providing professional assistance and immediate equipment assessments when there is an issue
  • Insights about component lifetime allow for better mid-term planning like repairs or modernization needs

Facility Manager / Administrator

  • High reliability and uptime with fast reaction times thanks to predictive maintenance
  • Real-time information on equipment status and performance
  • Full transparency on status of maintenance activities due to push notifications via app, text message or email


  • Reduction of waiting times and higher reliability
  • Regular status updates about equipment and maintenance work via the app, text message, or email

IoT Strategic partnerships accelerate the pace of innovation

Schindler partners with GE Digital and Huawei to optimize the potential of the Industrial Internet for its customers. With GE Predix the elevator & escalator industry benefits from industrial sectors having already successfully applied the Industrial Internet for many years. Digital industrial expertise paired with leading-edge Software capabilities.