Touchless Operation options For Low-Rise Elevators

In today’s environment everyone is extra vigilant about limiting physical contact with public surfaces. Schindler’s Touchless Elevator Operation option eliminates the need for riders to press any buttons.

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Touchless elevator operation feature

Compatible with Schindler 330A, Schindler 3100, Schindler 3300Schindler 3300 XL and Schindler 5500 elevators, and as a custom feature on other elevator makes, the Schindler Touchless Elevator Operation feature is an easy, affordable solution that can help you alleviate potential tenant, visitor and guest concerns related to physical contact with the elevator in your building.

Schindler CleanMobility touchless operation shuttle mode

Schindler Safe touchless operation shuttle mode for low-rise elevators

*Schindler CleanMobility solutions are not intended to prevent disease. These provide practical measures to maximize social distancing in a small space for a short duration and are they are not intended as a substitute for applicable CDC guidelines and recommendations.

How Shuttle Mode Works

Schindler’s Touchless Elevator Operation feature, puts the elevator into shuttle mode allowing it to operate like a vertical escalator, transporting your tenants and visitors from floor to floor, all without them needing to physically contact any buttons—inside or outside the elevator.

Once in shuttle mode, the elevator continuously transports passengers from a pre-determined landing to all other desired landings, opening doors for a predetermined time. Upon completing a trip it continues on to the return trip, one landing at a time, only to start the shuttle service all over again. Once installed, the Touchless Elevator Operation feature can be easily switched on or off to suit the needs of your building.

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