CleanCall Hover Elevator Fixtures Simple, clean and touchless

Schindler CleanCall Hover lets elevator riders call an elevator or select their destination floor simply by hovering their finger over elevator pushbuttons.

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Touchless elevator operation


Riders place elevator calls and select their floor by hovering their finger over the elevator pushbuttons.

Cleanliness in elevators


Schindler CleanCall Hover enhances cleanliness in elevators by decreasing the need to make physical contact with the controls.

Easy to install


Schindler CleanCall Hover can be installed quickly and easily.

How does it work?

Outside the elevator, a rider can hover their finger over the up or down button in the hallway to place a call. When the Schindler CleanCall Hover senses the call, the button lights up, so the rider knows the call was received.

Once inside the elevator, riders can hover their finger over the button of their destination floor. The sensors receive the floor request and the elevator will take riders to their desired floors―all without the rider touching any buttons. Manual pushbutton functions remain to meet code requirements.

Schindler CleanMobility solutions are not intended to prevent disease, nor as a substitute for applicable CDC guidelines and recommendations. CleanCall Hover is available in select markets. Please consult with your local Schindler representative to determine availability.

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