CleanCall Grid Touchless Car Operating Panel solution

Schindler CleanCall Grid provides a touchless option for elevator riders to place their landing floor request on the Car Operating Panel.

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Touchless elevator operation


Riders place their landing requests by hovering their finger over their desired floor button on the Car Operating Panel.

Maintains code requirements


The system detects the floor selection from a distance of 0.5” above the buttons. Manual pushbutton functions remain to meet code requirements.

Compatible with all elevator brands

Easy to install

Compatible with all brands of equipment, Schindler CleanCall Grid can be easily installed on your elevator Car Operating Panel.

How does it work?

With Schindler CleanCall Grid, elevator riders can place their landing floor request by simply holding their finger over the button of their desired floor on the Car Operating Panel. The sensor recognizes the landing request and registers the call. The elevator will then take riders to their desired floors―all without them physically touching any buttons inside the cab.

Schindler CleanCall Grid brings touchless technology to your riders. It is ideal for existing elevators using similar sized call button areas (10.5”W x 11”H) on Car Operating Panels. Its surface-mount design harmonizes well with elevator interiors.

Schindler CleanMobility solutions are not intended to prevent disease, nor as a substitute for applicable CDC guidelines and recommendations.

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