The PORT Technology: Key Features

Designed for mid- to high-rise commercial and residential buildings, Schindler's PORT Technology offers a variety of advantages for architects, building owners/managers, and of course, the occupants of your building. 

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The PORT terminal

The simple, yet elegant, face of The PORT Technology system.

The brain behind the Personal Occupant Requirement Terminal, or PORT Technology, is a powerful software system that uses information to guide and transport people quickly and safely to their individual destinations, communicating with them through a simple yet elegant device called the PORT.

Schindler's extraordinary new PORT is your portal to communicate with building occupants. It can provide a range of command and communication functions that provide continuous service to you and your building’s occupants. Reliable as it is elegant, the PORT terminal can be mounted to the wall or installed with a freestanding pedestal. Whatever your architectural specifications, the PORT terminal can be a welcome feature.

Schindler also designed the PORT terminal to be extremely energy efficient. Each PORT has a motion sensor to detect when it is required to be active and at all other times, is placed into a low energy consumption state. When the screen illuminates, an ambient light sensor determines the brightness level required, again optimizing energy usage. Finally, the processor, the heart of each PORT, has the lowest energy consumption in its class.  

RFID Access Control

Controlling access to your building has never been easier.

Access control is a fully integrated component of The PORT Technology. Each PORT terminal comes equipped with a radio frequency identification (RFID) sensor. When a passenger scans a preprogrammed RFID card at the PORT terminal, the system can verify that passenger’s credentials through a secure central database and automatically call an elevator to transport that person to an authorized floor. Schindler's patented technology helps your elevators play a significant role in controlling access within your building while performing at peak efficiency.

Elevator Transit

Better manage the flow of traffic through your building. 

Schindler's building mobility solutions are built upon our more than 20 years of destination-dispatch technology experience. Today, the most efficient method of moving passengers through a building is truly the smartest way to move people.

Predictive call entry – Based on previous time and date usage patterns, each passenger can choose from a list of his or her most frequently selected destinations.

Automatic call entry – With destination-dispatch technology, RFID cards can be pre-programmed to allow access to specific floors and destinations and can vary depending on the originating floor. The PORT also can display only the floors to which passengers are allowed access. This patented technology automatically delivers elevator assignments for passengers at the terminal or turnstile. 

Contextual operation – On floors above the lobby, a PORT display can be programmed to show only the floors that are relevant to the passengers of those floors.

Touch-less operation – If an RFID card is held continuously at the PORT, each destination allowed for the passenger will be highlighted in turn. When the desired destination is highlighted, the passenger simply removes the RFID card to register his or her call.

PORT technology destination dispatch: client personalization graphics example
PORT screen graphics example


Programmable to meet the unique mobility needs for any passenger.

By knowing the exact requirements of each passenger, a distinct personalized experience is attainable for each rider. For instance, for those with disabilities, The PORT system can allocate more elevator space or extend the time elevator doors remain open for riders who may need more space or time. For concierge service or for passengers who need an express elevator, The PORT Technology can be programmed to send a dedicated elevator for that elevator trip. Whatever a passenger may require, The PORT Technology has the knowledge to deliver personalized service.

Custom PORT Screen Graphics
The PORT terminal is your portal to communicate with building occupants. Show them your building’s individuality with any number of design options.

PORT Technology Fire Emergency Example Graphic

Emergency Evacuation

Maintain a high degree of control in emergency situations.

The PORT terminal immediately provides visual information as well as evacuation instructions for anyone approaching any elevator bank/elevator lobby in your building when the system goes into fire emergency service mode. 

The PORT Technology interface and main computer communicate seamlessly with the building’s security and access control systems so that proper admission credentials and authorizations are in place before allowing access to the elevators, providing greater safety and a higher degree of control.

"The access control features with RFID badges provide personalized ‘concierge service’ to our tenants, which add security and value to our building."

  • Operations Manager, The Crescent

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