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Elevators & escalators for office buildings

Schindler elevators and escalators can be found in notable office buildings around the world.  From a small two-story commercial building to a skyscraper in a major city, Schindler solutions for new installations, maintenance and modernization are unsurpassed.

Green buildings

The highly efficient PORT Technology destination-dispatch system puts one elevator out of a group in full-sleep mode during off-peak periods with fast re-start. Our regenerative drive systems give electricity back to the grid to power other devices, without harmonic distortion. Combined with waste management during installation, these Schindler systems can contribute to green building certification.

Visualizing traffic

Schindler’s Traffic Vision tool helps to simulate traffic patterns in the building before starting construction. It identifies bottlenecks so we can find the right solution. It also provides vital information about energy consumption, so we can start eco-friendly efforts in the planning stage.

4 World Trade Center - A Soaring Symbol

4 World Trade Center - A Soaring Symbol

4 World Trade Center is the first office building completed on the World Trade Center site and features Schindler elevators and escalators. 

The Bank of America Tower at One Bryant ParkThe Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park
The Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park

The Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park

The Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park in New York is one of the most eco-friendly skyscrapers in the world. To help reach its energy conservation goals, The Durst Organization partnered with Schindler to include a mobility system that would save energy and provide every tenant with direct access to his or her destination.  Completed in 2008, Schindler contributed 52 elevators and three escalators. Four eight-car elevator banks and one six-car elevator bank service passengers with Schindler's destination-dispatch technology.


"Our vision was to construct not only the most environmentally responsible building, but the best building we could to meet the needs of our tenants."

– Co-president, The Durst Organization

The Crescent in Dallas,TexasThe Crescent in Dallas,Texas

The Crescent

The Crescent®, in Dallas,Texas totals 1,134,826 square feet of office space in three contiguous buildings with a 19-story center structure and two adjoining 18-story structures. Schindler’s innovative PORT (Personal Occupant Requirement Terminal) elevator technology was selected to move occupants faster and more efficiently through The Crescent, making it the first building in Dallas to benefit from the advanced destination-dispatch system.  A phased modernization process is bringing PORT Technology to the three towers one at a time and includes major equipment upgrades such as energy-efficient Power Factor 1 drives.

"With the PORT Technology, we are not just buying an elevator modernization for today, but a system for the future."

– Assistant manager, operations, The Crescent

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