Schindler Brings Mobility to 4 World Trade Center

  • Supplied 37 high-rise elevators; PORT Technology destination-dispatch system; Six eco-friendly escalators
  • Seamless integration of technology and design help 4 World Trade Center achieve world-class mobility, security and sustainability
  • 4 World Trade Center received LEED Gold certification from USGBC.
Aerial view of 4 World Trade Center

MORRISTOWN, NJ, August 5, 2014 – Schindler Elevator Corporation has provided state-of-the-art elevator technology at 4 World Trade Center including 37 custom high-performance Schindler 7000 elevators (34 passenger cars with Schindler’s industry-leading PORT Technology destination-dispatch system, and three high-rise service cars). Schindler also provided two custom hydraulic elevators, two geared service elevators, and six Schindler 9300 escalators to transport passengers to two separate retail areas serving the building.

The 977 foot tower developed by Silverstein Properties, Inc. boasts 2.4 million square feet of leasable office and retail space throughout 72 floors and has become a symbol of urban renewal in Downtown Manhattan since opening in November 2013. The LEED® Gold certified building is also one of New York’s most sustainable and commuter friendly with access to the new WTC Transportation Hub connecting to the new PATH terminal, 11 NYC Transit subway lines and the new Fulton Street Transit Center, the World Financial Center and ferry terminal.

Tenants and visitors to 4 World Trade Center will also find a first-class mobility experience within the building. Schindler partnered with Silverstein Properties and architect Maki and Associates to provide custom glass PORT Technology terminals that seamlessly integrate with the minimalist design of the building and facilitate movement of tenants and guests throughout the building. In addition, Schindler 7000 high-rise elevators are some of the fastest in the world reaching top speeds of up to 1,800 feet per minute with ease and comfort.

“Schindler has a long history in New York City. We knew from the outset that we wanted to be a part of this historic project,” said Greg Ergenbright, president, Schindler Elevator Corporation. “We approach every project with the goal of enhancing the building design with innovative mobility solutions, a premium ride quality and best in class reliability.  4 World Trade Center chose our Schindler 7000 high-rise elevators with PORT Technology for that unique blend of style and functionality. We knew we had the chance to be a part of something special with a project that will change the skyline of downtown Manhattan.”

Intuitive Technology Provides Energy Efficiency and Security
Moving occupants faster and more efficiently throughout the office tower are 34 energy-efficient Schindler 7000 custom passenger elevators equipped with Schindler’s award-winning PORT Technology destination-dispatching system. PORT Technology functions as a two-way communication interface between occupants and the building’s environment to optimize traffic flow throughout the building with predictive call entry and highly personalized service.

At 4 World Trade Center, this technology is seamlessly integrated into the building’s lobby turnstiles and at each elevator entrance, allowing occupants to identify themselves and select their destination using pre-programmed access cards or the intuitive touch screen interface. PORT Technology then automatically directs the passenger to the elevator that will get them to their destination in the shortest time, using the least amount of energy. By identifying passengers and their individual needs each trip, PORT Technology also provides fully customized mobility and crucial access control throughout the building, allowing travel only to authorized visitors and destinations.

Schindler 7000 high-rise elevators use highly efficient frequency controlled motors and feature Power Factor 1 drives that reduce energy consumption by up to 35% compared to standard drives and regenerate energy back into the building’s electrical system. The recovered energy can be used to power other building demands such as lighting, air conditioning or other equipment. The Power Factor 1 drive generates less heat, providing additional savings through reduced cooling requirements for the machine room.

The six Schindler 9300 Advanced Edition escalators at 4 World Trade Center feature an optimized drive system that is perfectly matched to meet the energy requirements for each unit, reducing overall energy costs. These energy-efficient escalators join the building to a retail concourse linking the entire World Trade Center site.

4 World Trade Center’s additional sustainable features include:

  • 100% of building energy that comes from renewable sources including wind, solar and hydroelectric
  • Rain water collection and low-flow fixtures that allow for 30% less water usage
  • 20% less electricity usage than a conventional office building due to high-performance elevators, heating and cooling systems
  • Insulated, full-height windows that reduce the need for air-conditioning and artificial lighting
  • Significant use of recycled and sustainable harvested materials throughout the building.

“As we transition from construction of the building to the operations phase at 4 World Trade Center, our partnership with Schindler is stronger than ever,” said Alex Riveira, vice president World Trade Center operations at Silverstein Properties, Inc. “Schindler has proven itself to be a world-class organization that shares our passion, pride and innovative vision for this special site, making them the ideal partner to help make 4 World Trade Center the most advanced office building of the 21st Century.”

About Schindler Elevator Corporation
Schindler Elevator Corporation is the North American operation of the Switzerland-based Schindler Group, a leading global mobility provider with approximately 48,000 employees operating in more than 100 countries. Schindler supports sustainable urban development with safe, reliable and ecologically sound mobility solutions and its equipment moves one billion people every day all over the world. Schindler was named one of Forbes Magazine’s 100 Most Innovative Companies for the past three years.

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