Schindler's Hanover elevator production facility

Schindler’s new state-of-the-art facility located in Hanover, Pennsylvania focuses on the fabrication of components visible to customers, such as doors, entrances and jambs. It is the first elevator manufacturing facility in North America to achieve LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

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Take a tour of our Hanover facility, which recently earned LEED Gold certification. Check it out below.

The Hanover facility focuses on the fabrication of high quality elevator components such as doors, entrances and cab interiors. It also contains the company’s Order Consolidation Center (OCC), an order fulfillment warehouse, which helps achieve lead times that are among the shortest in the industry for customer delivery.

Infographic about Schindler Goes for Gold in Hanover, PA

Sustainability features

  • The building features photovoltaic solar panels that will generate 1.5 million watts of renewable energy. The system is expected to provide approximately half of the building’s total annual power consumption and offset the generation tons of CO2.
  • The building’s water will be a ‘zero discharge’ system, which means that wastewater will be treated and used again and wastewater will not be released to the city’s sewer system or surface water.
  • To reduce energy use even further, lighting is fitted with energy efficient T5 fluorescent light fixtures. 
  • The property includes a concrete parking area that reflects heat back into the atmosphere rather than absorb the heat.
  • Electric car charging stations allow for zero emissions vehicles at the facility.
  • In an effort to minimize the impact on the environment, Schindler has preserved as much green space as possible.

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