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      • Elevator finder

        Find the ideal Schindler elevator for your new installation building requirements.

      • Schindler 3100 low-rise

        The Schindler 3100 is a cost-effective, machine room less traction elevator for two- to three-story buildings.

      • Schindler 3300 low- to mid-rise

        The Schindler 3300 MRL traction elevator for low- to mid-rise buildings is the ideal hydraulic elevator alternative.

      • Schindler 3300 XL low- to mid-rise

        The Schindler 3300 XL traction elevator delivers more space with capacities ranging from 3,500 lbs. to 5,000 lbs. General purpose and hospital service applications available.

      • Schindler 5500 mid-rise

        The Schindler 5500 is a high-performance, gearless MRL traction elevator for mid-rise buildings. It offers glass and bare car options too.

      • Schindler 7000 high-rise

        The Schindler 7000 traction elevator for high-rise buildings fits the need of taller buildings with even more efficient and innovative mobility solutions.

      • Schindler 330A hydraulic

        The Schindler 330A holeless hydraulic elevator is the smarter, more efficient solution for a wide range of low-rise applications.

    • Freight & custom elevators
    • Modernization
      • Overview

        Explore our comprehensive elevator modernization solutions designed and customized to enhance your elevator's performance and aesthetics.

      • ReStore solution

        Restore your elevator with our modernization solution that replaces critical electrical components to upgrade the efficiency and performance of your equipment.

      • ReNew solution

        Renew your elevator with our Schindler ReNew modernization solution, including a new controller, inverter, fixtures, and machine upgrade to ensure a smoother ride experience.

      • RePlace solution

        Replace your existing elevator with our modernization replacement solution.

      • Elevator upgrades

        Choose from a variety of affordable, versatile elevator upgrades that can enhance safety, boost performance, and improve aesthetics.

      • Capital planning & financing

        Let us help you develop a customized capital plan to upgrade and modernize your elevators over time.

    • Destination control
      • Schindler PORT

        Schindler PORT optimizes traffic flow, alleviates congestion, and reduces elevator wait times while offering personalized service and access control.

      • Schindler myPORT

        With the Schindler myPORT smartphone app, users gain convenience, security, and comfort with features that can be programmed to verify user identity and summon an elevator based on user needs and preferences.

      • References

        Hear from customers who've installed or modernized their elevators with Schindler PORT.

    • CleanMobility solutions
      • Overview

        Clean and touchless products for elevators. Simple to use and easy to install, Schindler CleanMobility products can accommodate nearly any type of installation.

      • ElevateMe App

        With Schindler’s ElevateMe mobile app, users can call elevators and select their destinations on their own smartphones.

      • CleanAir Ion

        Schindler CleanAir Ion cleans the air inside passenger elevator cabins, providing continuous reduction of airborne viruses and bacteria.

      • CleanCall Hover

        Schindler CleanCall Hover lets passengers call elevators or select their destinations by hovering their finger over elevator pushbuttons.

      • CleanCall Grid

        Schindler CleanCall Grid provides a touchless option for elevator passengers to place their landing floor request on the Car Operating Panel.

      • CleanCall HoloVoice

        Schindler CleanCall HoloVoice supplements elevator pushbuttons with fully functioning virtual hologram buttons and voice command capability.

      • CleanCall Wave

        Schindler CleanCall Wave motion-activated elevator fixtures allow passengers to place elevator calls with a wave of their hand.

      • CleanCall Tap

        Schindler CleanCall Tap foot-activated elevator fixtures allow passengers to place elevator calls with a tap of their foot.

      • Touchless Operation

        Schindler’s Touchless Elevator Operation option eliminates the need for passengers to press any buttons.

      • Visual Guidance Options

        Schindler CleanMobility decals can help manage elevator traffic while assisting passengers in finding and assuming positioning that may help reduce exposure to communicable germs and viruses.

  • Escalators & Moving walkways
    • Escalators
      • Schindler 9300AE

        The Schindler 9300AE escalator is ideally suited for commercial applications, but can also be adapted for transport applications including stadiums, airports, and exhibition halls.

      • Schindler 9700

        The Schindler 9700 escalator is ideal for large public spaces with high-traffic demands such as airports, subways, and railroad stations.

    • Moving walkways
      • Overview

        Schindler moving walkways combine comfort with safe, rapid horizontal and inclined transportation, and are ideal for use wherever the elimination of long walks is desired.

      • Schindler 9500 horizontal

        The Schindler 9500 horizontal moving walk is the ideal solution for public transportation lengths up to 328 feet.

      • Schindler 9500 inclined

        The Schindler 9500AE inclined moving walk is one of the most efficient moving walks in retail applications and requires minimal installation space.

    • Modernization
      • InTruss

        The Schindler InTruss escalator upgrade solution uses your existing truss and turns your old escalators into better than new condition.

      • Replacement

        Replace your older equipment with new, cutting-edge Schindler escalators - both an affordable and efficient solution.

      • Upgrades

        Schindler offers upgrades in all different areas to make your escalators run smoother, safer, and more reliably.

      • Capital planning & financing

        Let us help you develop a customized capital plan to upgrade your escalators and moving walks over time.

    • CleanMobility solutions
      • Handrail options

        Explore our Schindler CleanMobility handrail options for escalators and moving walks.

  • Services
    • Maintenance
      • Overview

        Extend the lifetime of your elevators, escalators, and moving walks. Our maintenance plans and repair services are tailored to fit your building needs, no matter what brand or model.

      • Service programs

        Explore Schindler's preventive maintenance options for elevators, escalators, and moving walks. Schindler service programs have the flexibility to adapt to your building's unique environment and requirements.

      • Portfolio Management

        Schindler's Ahead ActionBoard tool for building owners/managers provides real-time access to performance and maintenance records for your elevators & escalators. Our mobile app puts it in the palm of your hand.

    • Repair
      • Elevator upgrades

        Choose from a variety of affordable, versatile upgrades for elevators that can enhance safety, boost performance and improve aesthetics.

      • Escalator upgrades

        Schindler offers upgrades in all different areas in order to make your escalators run smoother, safer and more reliably.

    • Strategic Accounts
    • Digital Services
      • Overview

        Schindler Ahead is the digital building solution that connects elevators, escalators, and moving walks to the IoT Cloud.

      • Schindler Ahead solutions

        Schindler Ahead offers three equipment service level options for elevators, escalators, and moving walks to meet your budget, monitoring, and diagnostic needs.

      • Schindler VCS

        The Schindler Visual Communication System (VCS) brings enhanced safety and convenience for passengers, while meeting the latest elevator emergency communications code requirements.

      • Schindler SafeCall

        Alleviate the worry of failed elevator inspections due to phone line non-compliance while enjoying responsiveness and potential cost savings.

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        Learn about the people, traditions and values that enable us to tackle the urban mobility challenges of the 21st century.

      • Inclusion and diversity

        Our global presence gives us access to the full spectrum of human diversity – reinforcing our ability to adapt and innovate.

      • Our values

        Some things never go out of style. Our values support everything we do, and allow us to remain a leading global player in the elevator and escalator industry.

      • Society

        Help us transform the world of tomorrow. We’re looking for high-powered digital natives ready to meet society’s most pressing urban mobility challenges.

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        Discover what makes Schindler a great company to work for through key facts and stats.

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        Discover more about Schindler employee compensation packages and benefits – competitive salaries are just the start!

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        The key to maintaining Schindler’s proud legacy of Swiss precision engineering is making sure that all our people – at every level – remain trained and ready.

      • Work-life balance

        Finding the right balance between work and life can be tough. At Schindler we make it easier through flexible work policies. Learn more.

      • Career development program

        Discover how we take our most talented young professionals on an international & multidisciplinary journey to develop their long-term careers at Schindler.

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        Grow your elevator & escalator career internationally with Schindler. International assignments are a key part of how we develop people. Learn more.

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        Schindler means much more than making elevators and escalators. We move over 2 billion people every day, on five continents, all over the world. Schindler delivers mobility for all with passion and emotion.

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        Schindler elevators, escalators and technologies have received awards and recognition from top publications. Check out some of the recognition.

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        Explore Schindler's company values including safety, integrity, and trust.

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        Discover Schindler's history and how far we have come since 1979, when the company established itself in the US with the acquisition of Haughton Elevator headquartered in Toledo, Ohio.

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        Schindler has manufacturing facilities strategically located in the United States to help support shorter lead-times for customers as well as enhanced quality, consistency and service.

      • Clinton

        Discover our escalator manufacturing complex located in Clinton, North Carolina. The complex comprises both a 38,000-square-foot escalator step facility and a 155,000-square-foot escalator assembly plant.

      • Hanover

        Schindler’s 150,000+ square foot, state-of-the-art, LEED Gold certified manufacturing facility in Hanover, PA, focuses on the fabrication of components visible to customers, like doors, entrances, and elevator cab interiors. Learn more.

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        View Schindler's ISO certifications and understand why customers can be confident they'll receive consistent quality from Schindler, from design and production to installation and service.

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        Schindler requires all suppliers maintain the highest standards of professional conduct and integrity in their business dealings. We encourage all businesses to participate in quoting our goods & services.

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        Our products and services are designed for architects, contractors, building owners, and managers with society and the environment in mind.

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        Schindler doesn't only offer green products, our offices and manufacturing facilities are sustainable. Learn more about the sustainable solutions integrated into Schindler's daily operations practices.

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        Discover Schindler's safety materials and see that elevator & escalator safety is a top value. Our products are built with many safety features to help give riders peace of mind while using them.

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        Enjoy safe and pleasant, elevator and escalator rides by following these safety tips from Schindler Elevator Corporation. Also learn more about what to do before calling for service, and get tips to prepare your equipment for extreme weather.

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        Please follow these safety tips for kids. Parents, share these tips with your children today so they can enjoy safe and pleasant, elevator and escalator rides.

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3 Tips for a Successful Elevator Modernization

Let's face it, getting caught off guard is never a pleasant experience.

Think about your kitchen appliances. If your recently purchased oven needed to be repaired, it wouldn’t be good news, but it makes sense to fix it. After all, you just invested in the latest culinary technologies (plus, it’s probably under warranty).

Now, picture this same situation in a kitchen with appliances from the ‘80s or ‘90s. You know the ones... they look dated and are not the safest, most energy-efficient, or technologically advanced. The big question is, do you repair or start fresh with something new? A better question is, why wait for a breakdown to make your decision?

Just like you would eventually replace your kitchen appliances when they start showing signs of age (or so they don't let you down right before hosting a big holiday dinner), you can also proactively plan to modernize your existing elevator.

Elevator components have a lifecycle—making it essential to plan to update before your equipment reaches the end of its useable life.

Read on to discover the 3 top tips to help you start preparing for a future elevator modernization:

  1. Knowing when it’s time to modernize your elevator. 
  2. Identifying potential add-ons for maximum ROI. 
  3. Planning an elevator modernization to fit your schedule and budget. 

When you should modernize an elevator 

While an elevator’s useful life can span decades, individual components can become obsolete in the wake of technological advancements. This makes obsolescence a driving force behind the decision to repair or modernize.

But how do you know when, exactly, is the right time to modernize?  

Elevator upgrades

Elevator upgrades tackle the most pressing issues right away. By replacing or upgrading specific components, you can extend the life of your equipment while ensuring code compliance, smooth performance, and a ride quality for passengers. However, while the elevator's lifespan would have been extended, other components will still require updates down the line. This means the overall process may take longer, and passengers might get the impression that the elevator is constantly under repair.

Elevator modernization

If your elevator is more than 10 years old, your building usage has changed, you are receiving complaints from passengers, or you are competing with new buildings in your area, then your elevator could benefit from a modernization. Opting for a modernization means you'll enjoy the perks of a new elevator—increased building value, happier tenants and guests—while making the most of your building’s available space.There are clear benefits to both solutions, so it’s important to recognize the age and condition of your elevator to select the most efficient and safest option for your equipment.

How to maximize the ROI of an elevator modernization

Does your elevator meet the latest quality and environmental standards and applicable codes? Do you believe it’s operating as smoothly and as efficiently as when it was installed? Does it keep pace with what tenants are seeing at newer buildings in the area?

By understanding the overall goal for your equipment, you can make sure to include additional features and technology to get the most from your modernization. That way, you won't have to go through the hassle of retrofitting at a later date. 

Code compliance

If your elevator is especially old, it’s important to consider the local codes and standards required for your system. For example, when you are modernizing elevator doors, including the latest light curtain technology will help your elevator detect smaller obstacles and meet the latest standards.Understanding the overall goal for the equipment will allow you to add the right elevator enhancements during your modernization rather than requiring a retrofit later.

Smart management and communications

Modernizing prepares your building for the latest digital technologies that help make managing your elevator easier than ever before. With IoT solutions like Schindler Ahead, your elevator can connect to a range of digital services to help you manage your elevator investment better and communicate more effectively with building tenants and guests.

Clean and touchless solutions

Elevators are among the most trafficked areas in buildings, making it extremely important to maximize hygiene and safety for passengers. Schindler CleanMobility products are designed to minimize contact with elevator surfaces, with wave-activated fixtures and touchless pushbuttons. These enhancements can easily be added to your modernization to keep passengers moving safely and efficiently through your building.*

Destination dispatch control

One of the best ways to maximize the impact of an elevator modernization is by integrating a destination dispatch system. This technology optimizes elevator performance to move people more efficiently through your building. With a destination dispatch system, such as Schindler PORT, passengers select their desired floor before they get into the elevator, and the system groups them by destination. This eliminates unnecessary stops, quickening the journey and prolonging the elevator lifecycle. These systems can bring other benefits, such as access control and energy efficiency, to increase the value of your building.

How to plan for an elevator modernization  

Most elevators are more than 30 years old, and a typical elevator lifecycle is 25 – 30 years. However, the number of trips per day, an increase or change in use, or moving heavy equipment are factors that can influence your equipment’s lifespan.

While repairs can help upgrade aging or obsolete components for the time being, at some point a modernization is necessary.

The first step is simple: Identify if the needs of your elevator have changed or if there’s a problem with your equipment. We are happy to meet with you to determine the current health of your equipment, lay out a plan for your elevator modernization—whether it needs to be done tomorrow or 5 years from now—and prepare a proposal that meets your specific needs.

A Schindler modernization doesn’t just help ensure enhanced functionality, safety, comfort, and compliance with changing regulations and codes. It also helps add value to buildings by improving the passenger experience with state-of-the-art technology.

Whether you choose a total modernization or a phased approach, Schindler has the experience and products to bring your elevators up to their best performance according to your timeline and budget.

*Schindler CleanMobility solutions are not intended to prevent any disease. These provide practical measures to maximize social distancing in a small space for a short duration and they are not intended as a substitute for applicable CDC guidelines and recommendations.