Tap-to-Call Elevator Fixtures Foot Activated

Schindler CleanMobility Tap-to-Call foot-activated elevator fixtures create a hands-free experience by allowing you to place elevator calls with a tap of your foot.

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Tap-to-Call Elevator Fixtures Benefits

  • Hands-Free activation
  • Designed to withstand daily use
  • Compatible with Schindler 330A, Schindler 3100, Schindler 3300, Schindler 3300 XL and Schindler 5500 elevators
  • Compatible with most existing elevator installations, regardless of make
  • ADA-compliant if installed in addition to existing elevator fixtures
  • Foot-activated Car Operating Panels are available upon request and may require custom engineering

Tap-to-Call fixtures are available in flush or surface mount, in stainless steel or Muntz bronze finish.

Tap-to-call foot activated elevator fixtures COP
Car operating panel in stainless steel finish

Tap-to-call foot activated elevator fixtures - surface mounted
Surface-mount hall station in stainless steel
Tap-to-call foot activated elevator fixtures - flush mounted
Flush-mount hall station in Muntz bronze

Please note: Schindler CleanMobility solutions are not intended to prevent disease. These provide practical measures to maximize social distancing in a small space for a short duration and are they are not intended as a substitute for applicable CDC guidelines and recommendations.

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