ElevateMe App Touchless elevator operation from smartphones

With Schindler’s ElevateMe mobile application users can call an elevator and select their destination using their own smartphone. Available on both the iOS or Android operating systems .

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Available in select markets. Please consult with your local Schindler representative to determine availability.

Benefits for facilities

High level security. The app works with Schindler’s digital platform, which provides a high level of security, safety and privacy.

One-stop solution. Schindler provides an end-to-end solution that includes the app, QR code sticker set, the cloud platform and connectivity.

Easy to activate. Installation and setup is quick and easy.


Benefits for passengers

Touchless operation. ElevateMe increases sanitation in elevators by decreasing the need to make physical contact with the controls.

True convenience. The app moves traditional rider-elevator interaction to riders’ smartphones, and allows for the option of new convenient services and
solutions to be added in the future.

Intuitive use. The highly intuitive interface can be understood instantly and provides a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

How does it work?

Connect the unit

  • Elevators need to be connected to Schinder’s digital platform, which uses reliable SIM card-based 4G/LTE wireless connectivity.

Apply the QR codes

  • QR codes provided by Schindler are placed on the door frames or around the elevator call buttons.
  • The QR codes trigger the app installation if it’s not yet installed, and the app includes instructions on how to use it.

How does it work for passengers?

Scan the QR code

  • Scanning the QR code with a smartphone camera will prompt first-time users to download the ElevateMe app.
  • With the app installed, scanning the QR code will allow users to request an elevator.

Select destination floor

  • Users then use their phone to select their desired floor and enjoy the ride.

Please note: CleanMobility solutions are not intended to prevent disease, nor as a substitute for applicable CDC guidelines and recommendations.

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