CleanCall HoloVoice Elevator Fixtures Modern, clean and touchless

Bring a modern, clean, and touchless option to your elevator with Schindler CleanCall HoloVoice―a solution that supplements elevator pushbuttons with fully functioning virtual hologram buttons and voice command capability.

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Voice command


Bring a modern element to your elevator with hologram buttons and voice
command technology.

Cleanliness in elevators


Schindler CleanCall HoloVoice enhances cleanliness by reducing the need to make physical contact with elevator buttons.

Touchless fixtures


Passengers can place elevator calls and select their floor using virtual holographic elevator buttons or simple voice commands.

How does it work?

To call an elevator, passengers can either use simple voice commands or place their finger on the holographic image of the up or down button that is projected from the CleanCall HoloVoice device in the hallway. Their request is registered, and an elevator is dispatched.

After boarding the elevator, passengers can select their desired destination floor the same way. They simply hold their finger in the air on their desired floor button on the holographic image of the Car Operating Panel. Schindler CleanCall HoloVoice receives the request and takes them to their floor.

Passenger can also place their destination floor request through Schindler CleanCall HoloVoice‘s voice command feature. With simple voice commands from passengers, Schindler CleanCall HoloVoice can register elevator calls and destination floor requests, providing yet another touchless option.

Schindler CleanMobility solutions are not intended to prevent disease, nor as a substitute for applicable CDC guidelines and recommendations. Please consult with your local Schindler representative to determine availability.

Schindler CleanCall Holovoice
Schindler CleanCall HoloVoice supplements your existing hall call station and Car Operating Panel. Manual pushbutton functions remain. Schindler CleanCall HoloVoice is available in a surface- and flush-mount design.

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