Schindler 7000 high-rise Smarter solutions for your building's life cycle

  • Schindler Product Facts
    High-rise elevator market
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Capacity: single-deck (4,400 lbs) or
    double-deck (8,500 lbs)
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Travel height: up to 1,640 ft
    Max 128 stops
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Speed: 2,000 fpm
  • Schindler Product Facts

The world‘s population is growing rapidly. Urbanization is on the increase with more people moving to cities. This creates a need for taller buildings with even more efficient and innovative mobility solutions.

Design, Install, Operate and Maintain

Schindler’s high-rise track record is proof of our experience and capabilities. You can count on our global network of high-rise experts which offers you throughout the whole life-cycle of your building- an unprecedented level of service and quality. Our solutions are specified to suit every stage of your building and here you can find out how we do that.

Design - Bringing form and function to life

Bringing form and function to life

Every true high-rise transportation design starts the same way. Our philosophy is to listen to our clients. In that way, we endeavor to make each of our customers’ visions a reality by first understanding simple yet important objectives:

  • The building type
  • The role that the building plays in the city
  • The status the structure will have in the global high-rise market
Install - Pioneering new building methods

Pioneering new building methods

  • Safe, efficient and independent installation methodology
  • All time transportation during the construction phase with Schindler CLIMB Lift
  • Years of experience and know-how in large project management, supported by the Schindler Top Range Excellence (TREX) program
  • Hassle-free jobsite work process
Operate - Optimizing the stream of people and goods

Optimizing the stream of people and goods

  • Considering your high-rise building in its entirety and creating the adequate solution for an efficient and smooth stream of people and goods
  • Giving efficient and ecologically optimized solutions
  • Offering the industry-leading Transit Intelligence System, ‘PORT Technology
  • Creating a safe and comfortable experience for the users in the elevators systems
Maintain - Revolutionizing performance with intelligent engineering

Revolutionizing performance with intelligent engineering

Keeping our customers happy is something that is part of the Schindler ethos. We do this by keeping our units in constant uptime.

Whether through our around-the-clock call center, or our industry leading training and technology, our priority is to keep the one billion people who use Schindler products continuously moving every day.

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