Schindler Sustainability


Schindler Elevator Corporation is committed to conducting its business activities in harmony with society and the environment. Schindler’s products and services are designed to provide energy efficient and eco-friendly options to architects, contractors, building owners and managers.

Being green as a way of life.

Schindler supports sustainability across all its practices, products and services. Some of our green initiatives include:

Schindler Sustainability

As a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of elevators, escalators and moving walks, Schindler Elevator Corporation is uniquely positioned to contribute to the sustainability of urban areas.

We recognize that the challenges of depleting resources, climate change and a growing world population require innovative solutions. That is why we focus on reducing the energy required by our products, services and operations; supporting urban development that accommodates more people using less land; and making safety, accessibility and respect for all a top priority.

PORT Technology drives efficiency and energy savings

An architect’s perspective on the efficiency benefits of Schindler’s PORT Technology.

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