Schindler's new NYC WeWork office


Schindler has joined the workplace revolution and is converting its long-term lease for NYC office space to a membership partnership with WeWork.

"Customers and employees now benefit from our access to dozens of professional offices around the city, allowing for closer collaboration near specific building sites. On any given day, Schindler employees will use an iPhone app to tap into 60+ WeWork locations across the city to find the best space that fits their client projects," said Michael Bickel, Schindler CFO and EVP Operations USA.

For those who need a more central Schindler location, a dedicated floor is available at WeWork’s Tower on 49th Street, between 5th and Madison Avenues, including a Schindler-branded lobby, adjustable desks for 90 people, meeting nooks, conference rooms, A/V rooms, private phone booths, and amenities such as pantry, lounge, and a new mothers’ room.

Schindler WeWork office
Schindler WeWork Meeting Space
Schindler WeWork Cafe Area

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