Safety is a top priority at Schindler. We design and build our elevators and escalators with many safety features to help give riders peace of mind while using them. We are also active in providing information to passengers, and work together with those who manage or operate elevators and escalators to maintain and improve safe usage and operation.

Materials available from Schindler

Schindler has prepared a number of useful tools which can help passengers, as well as those who own and manage buildings, use elevators and escalators more safely and efficiently. These materials are available from Schindler at no charge, and may be ordered directly from Schindler.

Ups & Down: an award-winning DVD and companion magazine offering important safety tips for elevator and escalator riders. Download the Ups & Downs safety magazine here.

Owner's Guide to People-Moving Systems: designed for those who own or manage buildings where elevators or escalators are installed. Tips on safe and efficient operation are included, along with basic guidance on the functioning of the equipment.

A Safe Ride: DVD and companion pamphlet produced by the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation, with considerable support from Schindler. Similar to our "Ups & Downs" with added emphasis on usage by children and seniors.

Please contact us to order any of the above materials from Schindler, at no charge.