Green technology

Schindler's green technology can help improve efficiency and save energy.

Destination Technology

Schindler's PORT Technology can manage all passenger traffic in a building and transport passengers in the most efficient manner possible.

  • ECO (Energy Control Option) mode allows intelligent reduction of energy consumption without reducing service
  • Fewer elevator trips and improved balancing of the elevators can contribute energy savings.
  • Since ECO mode dynamically monitors the traffic situation in the building, a high quality level of service is assured at all times.

AC and permanent magnet motors

Utilizing AC and PM gearless motor technology, the efficiency of the elevator hoisting machine is increased, allowing for reduced energy consumption.

Power Factor 1 regenerative drives

The Power Factor 1 (PF1) drive reduces energy consumption considerably in comparison to conventional applications and regenerates energy back into a building’s electric system. It is .99 efficient.

  • During light elevator loads on ascent or heavy loads on descent, the system can regenerate energy.
  • Recovered energy can be used to power other building demands such as lighting, air conditioning or other equipment.
  • PF1 drive will generate less heat, providing additional savings through reduced cooling requirements for the machine room.

Suspension traction media

Schindler's exclusive supension traction media (STM) are more flexible than traditional cables. With a smaller bend radius, they can fit on a smaller sheave, requiring less space.

This space-saving design results in a smaller machine in your hoistway or machine room. The STM also offer a smoother, reliable ride. They're a major upgrade over conventional cables.

Escalator technology

High-efficiency motors and drives
High-efficiency motors and variable frequency drives come standard. Schindler escalators also have the option to be installed with energy regenerative drives.

ECO energy-saving package option
Where permissible by code, Schindler’s 9300® Advanced Edition escalator features the ECO energy-saving packages, which may generate energy savings of up to 20 percent by providing soft start/stop functionality and peak current reduction.

Eco-friendly details
Escalator packaging is recyclable and low-mercury high-efficiency compact fluorescent lighting is used. Water-based paints and powder coating are used to limit the emission of volatile organics into the environment.

Modular machine technology drives energy efficiency

Schindler's modular machines simplify the installation process. They can be disassembled on-site, then reassembled in the machine room. This makes the installation much simpler and more convenient for existing machine rooms.

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