Schindler Services Maintenance and Repair

Schindler Services - Maintenance and Repair

Schindler's maintenance contracts are flexible in features & options, and to any brand and model. We offer you different contract types from all-in-one to individually optimized to meet your specific building requirements, traffic patterns, equipment condition, and more.

Two ways to the perfect match

There are two ways to the perfect fit of features and options. You compare our contracts by yourself and decide on your personal needs OR you leave your contact data below and we schedule a free pre-visit to create a transparent proposal based on a detailed onsite report.

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Call center support
To register complaints

Maintenance visit
Regular on-site inspections including basic maintenance work

Call-back interventions 
Covers call back assistance during working days Monday to Saturday

Small repairs
Small repairs, defined, are included to ensure availability

Mid repairs
Mid repairs, as defined in contracts

Large repairs 
Coverage of all-in maintenance, call-back, or repair work, as defined in the contract
Comprehensive coverage of all-in maintenance, call-backs, and repair work along with customization of services based on customer needs at additional cost.

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  1. We will contact you promptly to schedule a free pre-visit.
  2. You gain a detailed report of the installation.
  3. We create you a customized proposal on your personal preferences.

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For more information, kindly contact your nearest Schindler branch location.