Schindler 3000 Stylish, functional and flexible

Schindler 3000 - Stylish, functional and flexible
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Capacity: 320 - 1350 kg
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Travel height: Up to 80 m
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Stops: Max 35 stops
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Speed: 1.0 - 2.5 m/s

A flexible solution that unifies form and function. An all-round elevator applicable to multiple building types, with outstanding architectural flexibility for car, door and shaft dimensions. Swiss precision engineering and latest technologies assure a smooth and safe user experience.

Schindler 3000 offers a large variety of design and dimensional combinations, and can be tailored to multiple applications in any urban environment. Select from a full spectrum of styles, colors and options to find the best possible match for your building.

Schindler 3000 - Designed for comfort

Designed for comfort – built to last

Schindler 3000 is designed, engineered and rigorously tested to ensure smooth, quiet and economical operation throughout your elevator’s long life cycle, for every application, and in any environment.

Engineered to Swiss standards

Latest technologies, greater comfort
Variable frequency drive systems deliver perfectly controlled power to traction machines and door drives, extending component lifetimes and increasing energy efficiency.

State-of-the-art digital controller
Schindler’s scalable (universal) elevator controller offers more flexibility in number of openings, number of stops, and car group size. What’s more, Schindler’s innovative EPIC absolute positioning system improves both reliability and maintainability.

High-quality – at every level

Contact-free sensors assure millimeter-precise leveling with the floor for safe, seamless movement of passengers and goods in and out of the elevator.

Innovative drive technology

Schindler 3000 is equipped as standard with our innovative, regenerative drive technology. The system is designed to reduce travel energy by up to 30% compared to conventional technology.

Excellent ecological performance

Regenerative drive, LED lighting and stand-by mode while parked, are standard eco-friendly features in all Schindler 3000 elevators, aiming to achieve the highest energy-efficiency rating class A according to ISO 25745-2*.

*The classification always refers to a specific customer configuration. Usage pattern, load capacity, customer specific options and site conditions influence the final rating.

Schindler 3000 - PORT Technology - Access control and transit intelligence

Access control and transit intelligence

All Schindler 3000 elevators are enabled for our revolutionary PORT Technology, with all the advantages of reduced travel time in elevators, higher passenger traffic capacity, and the potential for full building security and personalized access. PORT makes buildings more attractive, more efficient, and more valuable.

Schindler 3000 - Architectural flexibility

Architectural flexibility

Schindler 3000 has outstanding architectural flexibility for car, door and shaft dimensions. Less space for components, more room for you to use profitably.

Less space, more capacity

Machine-room-less design
All main drive, traction and control equipment sits in the shaft, leaving architects and designers free to use the extra space for more productive purposes. And thanks to the compact gearless machine, a larger car can be fitted into a standard shaft space, reducing headroom space and pit depth.

Modular system, scalable car and door dimensions
We can adjust car dimensions for you in any direction in 10 mm increments. Doors can be sized and positioned with millimeter accuracy. Doors can be sized and positioned with millimeter accuracy. The door width is adjustable in 50 mm increments for heights from 2000 mm to 2400 mm.

Smaller motor and traction sheave
Schindler’s Suspension Traction Media (STM) system guarantees a quieter, smoother ride and does not require any oil or lubricant. STM also saves shaft space because of the smaller motor and traction sheave – 70% smaller than traditional systems. 

More usable building space
Less space for components, more usable building space and more room for passengers. Schindler 3000’s innovative platform ensures that a standardsized shaft can carry a wider car with bigger load capacity.

Built-in inspection and test panel
Schindler 3000’s inspection and test panel is built directly into a standard door frame at the top landing. This solution simplifies elevator installation, provides easy access, and saves space. 

Schindler 3000 - Future Ready

Future ready

Benefit from our tools, solutions and latest innovations to support you through the entire product life cycle of your elevator. Our elevators are designed to use state-of-the-art technologies from planning to operation.

Schindler elevators designed for next-generation technologies

Innovation in installation

Schindler’s new INEX (Installation Excellence) system not only reduces construction preparation and resources for our customers, it also improves safety and efficiency on site.

Smart operation - switching to digital
All our new elevators are fully enabled for Schindler Ahead – our IoT (Internet of Things) portfolio of services. With Schindler Ahead, we make sure that our customers can step confidently into the digital era.

Multiple design options

Choose an elevator design that is the perfect match for your building interior. Select from Schindler 3000’s three décor lines and combine your choice with our range of operating panels, handrails, lighting, mirrors and other accessories.

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