Inclined Moving Walk

When long distances become a short-haul trip

A moving walk from Schindler can be integrated optically into any building. It has a full range of design features – glass balustrades in different shades, various handrail colors, deckings and lighting options, and aluminum and stainless steel floor covers. We can even engineer your moving walk with long-distance data transmission capability and optional remote monitoring features.

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Inclined and horizontal

Inclined moving walks with widths of up to 1000 mm are designed to move people and shopping carts. The patented short pallets with a depth of only 133 mm provide the shortest installation lengths in the industry. This frees up valued retail space.

Schindler horizontal moving walks use a transportation belt made of aluminum pallets. With widths of up to 1400 mm and transportation lengths of up to 150 m, they are a perfect mobility solution for public facilities like airports, trade fair centers or other facilities.

> Schindler 9500AE moving walk

Reliable project support

Schindler offers the most comprehensive portfolio of moving walk products on the market today. Standard with them is Schindler’s famous A to Z project support.