Schindler 5500

Configure mobility the way you need it to make your building work. From the ideal space utilisation and machine-room options to a perfectly fitting car and the smooth flow of people and goods.

Keep energy consumption to a minimum by using power more efficiently. The new technological advances of the Schindler 5500, such as regenerative drives, new traction media, and carefully selected materials, ensure an ecologically sound solution.

The Schindler 5500 offers an excellent ride experience for the passenger. The wider range of MRL residential and commercial applications as well as new drive and traction developments make it a hallmark in modern urban mobility. High travel height, fast speeds and improvements in range of load and noise reduction technology position the Schindler 5500 as a prime elevator.


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Capacity630 to 2500kg
Travel Height Up to 150m
Door Width  800 to 1400mm 
Door Height  2100 to 2400mm 

STM technology

regenerative drive option  


1.0 to 3.0m/s

MMR and MRL 

Number of floors  50 floors (60 landings) 
Car groups  

Up to 8 cars

expandable with PORT Technology 


4 deco lines from functional to sophisticated

glass panel option

bare care option 


Mechanical or touch sensitive buttons

dot matrix display or TFT LCD 

Door types  

T2L, T2R, C2, C4

Glass doors optional  

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