Schindler 3300 - The flexible standard passenger elevator

Schindler 3300 The flexible standard passenger elevator

  • Schindler Product Facts
    Capacity: 400, 535, 630, 800, 1000, 1150kg OR 5-17 passengers*
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Speed: 1 / 1.5 / 1.75 m/s
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Travel height: max 75m (max 25 stops)

The Schindler 3300 is our spacious passenger elevator for residential and smaller commercial buildings. Efficient, stylish and designed for performance. It’s easy to plan and install because it fits all standard shaft sizes. User-friendly in daily operation, it also saves you money by being very energy efficient.

More details

  • Schindler Product Facts
    Entrance: 1 or 2
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Drive: Gearless/ frequency-controlled
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Control: Down and selective collective
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Door width**: 800/ 900/ 1000mm
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Door height & opening:
    2100 mm (Center opening) /
    2000 mm (Telescopic opening)
  • Schindler Product Facts
    Interior: Laminate and stainless steel

More space, more luxury


The car of the Schindler 3300 is designed to give you more space to transport residents in. Its car fits standardised shafts, while being up to 25 cm wider. This means the Schindler 3300 can transport 1 to 2 more passengers than other elevators using the same shaft.


The Schindler 3300 will improve your image as much as it improves the lives of your residents. Thanks to its trailblazing traction media, it moves as quiet as whispering. This means a peaceful living or working environment for everyone in the building.


Several stylish interior decoration lines are available with the Schindler 3300 – a great selection of fresh and young, functional and modern, as well as sophisticated and elegant designs. We have the right look for your building.

Schindler 3300 scored Grade A in VDI's energy consumption test

Green mobility

The Schindler 3300 is very energy efficient. In fact, it received a best “Class A” ranking on the independent VDI4707-1 standard for energy efficiency. Contact your Schindler consultant to discover more about the energy saving options available for the Schindler 3300.

* Exact number of passengers depends on the local code requirements. 
** For possible combinations, please contact our local sales office.

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