Schindler 2400 Size matters

If you need to transport a lot inside your building, then size matters.

The right fit for high traffic

The Schindler 2400 elevator is a workhorse that never complains.

Truly flexible, it can be used in high-traffic buildings as different as offices, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and railroad stations.

This makes it a standard solution that helps you avoid having a special, tailor-made elevator built.

Simple and reliable

State-of-the-art with pre-assembled components, the Schindler 2400 can be installed quickly. You have the choice of two drive systems, electro-mechanical or electro-hydraulic, both designed for optimized energy use and robust reliability.

The “Smart” freight elevator

Big and strong, the Schindler 2400 is also smart. Our destination control system can be provided to optimize elevator use and ensure that people or freight move smoothly.

With our unique PORT system it even restricts elevator use to specific people and at pre-determined times.

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