International Assignments

Schindler is a people company. We encourage our staff to broaden their horizons by working at one of our subsidiaries around the world. This enriches their CV with professional and intercultural experience in what can be the adventure of a lifetime.

A win-win situation

International assignments are a key part of people development at Schindler. Employees benefit by gaining international experience, growing personally and professionally, and enhancing promotion prospects. Schindler benefits by expanding the distribution of knowledge and skills, supplementing technical expertise, and generally promoting a consistent global culture.

Comprehensive Support

Schindler is a family-friendly company. Employees and their families naturally have concerns about issues such as housing, children's education, taxes and the implications for their career. We make sure our employees and their families are able to settle into their new location as smoothly as possible.

Schindler Assignments


At Schindler, an international assignment can last from between 3 months and 5 years.
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Develop your unique talents with Schindler

Develop your unique talents

We offer you the chance to develop your talents in an international career.
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Our expectations

Our expectations

Schindler employees on international assignment are some of our most talented people.
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