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44,000 employees around the globe work at Schindler in various positions. Each job is unique. Read on to find out what our people do and how it feels to work at Schindler.

Brad, Manager New Installations Sales Methods

Brad | Manager New Installations Sales Methods | USA


"All in all, I've thoroughly enjoyed my time at Schindler and I look forward to the next decade of my career with the company."

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Shailesh, Regional Manager

Shailesh | Regional Manager | India


“Schindler provided me the platform to enhance my knowledge, competence, exposure, and growth."

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Terry, Head Top Range Team Shanghai, China

Terry | Head Top Range Team Shanghai | China

“Being part of the Schindler team has undoubtedly allowed me to develop on many levels. I can safely say that this coupled with a strong environment and a high-performing team has brought me to where I am today."

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Lok, Product Manager, China

Lok | Product Manager | China

"At Schindler, there are always opportunities for those with energy, enthusiasm and ambition."


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