Product Safety Elevator & escalator safety features

Elevator safety features

Elevator safety features

Today's elevator systems adhere to strict safety codes and standards and incorporate a wide variety of features designed to help reduce the chances of accidents and give passengers a quick, dependable ride. Some of the numerous safety features offered include:

  • Safety brakes
  • Door sensors
  • Door closing devices
  • Hoistway door interlocks
  • Hoistway safety switches
  • Door restraints
  • Emergency evacuation feature
  • Pit buffers
  • Emergency alarm switches
  • Emergency telephones or communications devices
  • Emergency lighting
  • Emergency power
  • Fire emergency systems.
Escalator & moving walk safety features

Escalator & moving walk safety features

Today's escalators and moving walks are designed to adhere to strict safety code requirements, and incorporate a variety of safety features designed to encourage proper ridership and prevent accidents.Some of the safety features offered include:

  • Sensors to trigger automatic shutdown if a component is outside of its normal position
  • Skirt brushes to help prevent objects from being caught in the escalator
  • Handrail motion detectors
  • Step integrity monitors
  • Missing step monitors
  • Combplate detectors
  • Step level monitors
  • Skirt switches
  • Emergency stop buttons
  • Controlled stop braking
  • Understep lighting
  • Yellow combfingers
  • Handrail guards.

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