PORT Technology Best-in-class traffic management

PORT Technology - Best-in-class traffic management

All Schindler elevators are fully enabled for PORT Technology, with all the advantages of reduced travel time in elevators, higher passenger traffic capacity, and the potential for full building security and personalized access. PORT makes buildings more attractive, more efficient, and more valuable.


Schindler revolutionized the elevator industry with the PORT destination control. Especially suited to large elevator groups or straight-line configurations in heavy-traffic commercial buildings, PORT can increase handling capacity and reduce travel times.

Touchless Operation

PORT’s scrolling feature, the ultimate touchless solution to improve hygiene standard at any elevator lobbies. Simply swipe and hold your access card at the PORT terminal. Without touching any parts of it, PORT will automatically scroll down to the destination floor list for your selection, validate your access right and assign an elevator to take you to your destination in the most efficient manner.

Comfort - PORT Technology


PORT reduces crowding both in the lobby and inside the car, by allocating passengers to individual floors. Now, PORT offers fully integrated building access, and myPORT – elevator control and security building access from your smartphone.

PORT Access - PORT Technology


PORT opens up a wide range of possibilities when it comes to delivering a personalized user experience. Designed to meet the specific needs of a building and those of its individual occupants, the PORT Technology comes with a versatile user interface that ensures the highest level of vigilance – in total convenience.

myPORT - PORT Technology

Advanced Technology Integration

To power innovations, an intelligent Building Transit Integrator needs to sit at the core of a building to streamline operations and information flows across multiple systems and applications. Such an integrator needs to be sustainable, forward-looking, and able to accommodate new advances in technology. BuilT-In, a state-of-the-art Building Transit Integrator developed by Jardine Schindler Group, was specifically designed to meet all of a modern-day buildings’ present and future needs.

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