Digital Media Services - Inform, entertain and impress

Digital Media Services Inform, entertain and impress

Schindler’s new range of Digital Media Services (DMS) will create more wow moments for your tenants, passengers and guests. Utilising the captive audience and dwell time, Schindler Digital Media Services will enhance the passengers experience with value adding content, information and entertainment. Schindler Digital Media Services can also create more value with new business models such as advertising sales and tenant promotions.

Leveraging on the internet of things, Schindler connected lifts and escalators are now communications platforms as well. Internet connectivity allows Schindler to create new ways to utilise your elevators and escalators. Of course the main purpose of the equipment we design, install and maintain is to move people up and down, sides ways and diagonally. Now, we can move them emotionally as well with content on Digital Media Services.

Schindler Digital Media Services is built on a powerful yet user friendly Content Management System (CMS) that supports multiple media format such as mp4, mov, jpeg and many more. The system allows you to schedule campaigns well in advance or ad-hoc. The over-the-air content updates allow you to take advantage of campaign timing opportunities without the need to interrupt elevator operation – as is the case with stickers and posters.

With solutions such as the Schindler Ahead AdScreen and Schindler Ahead SmartMirror, your elevator interior will never date – think of it as the Ever Changing Interior (ECI).

Our portfolio

Schindler Ahead DoorShow

The passengers in front of an elevator won’t simply wait anymore, they will be entertained and informed by the Schindler Ahead DoorShow. This technology displays information, advertising and announcements on the elevator doors.

Schindler Ahead SmartMirror

Spotting more at the first and second glance. The Schindler Ahead SmartMirror is both a mirror and a screen for entertainment or information. This new in-elevator multimedia experience will change the way passengers enjoy their travel.

Schindler Ahead AdScreen

Attention levels during an elevator trip are higher than in public spaces. The Schindler Ahead AdScreen is built to maximise the impact of trip time. The message comes across on a special screen inside the elevator. Content, timing and duration are controlled with a click.

Schindler Ahead AdSpot

The urbanisation of our world means we are travelling up and down a lot more frequently than ever before. So it is no surprise that our media is also going vertical. The Schindler Ahead AdSpot leverages the expansive escalator truss as a media platform - let your imagination run wild.

Schindler Ahead MediaScreen

Schindler Ahead MediaScreen makes paper a communication tool of the past. This in-car media solution provides relevant information to the riding public in real-time, with minimal effort and maximum attention. Share building updates, news, weather and entertaining content, ensuring that passengers always stay informed.

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