Schindler Elevators For Residential in Vietnam

Schindler understands that peak times in a residential building are when people leave for the day and come home in the evening. Schindler can help you plan for comfortable people transport in real-world situations.

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Schindler Vietnam Ltd,.
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District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

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Environmentally sound

You can be sure that a Schindler elevator is safe and environmentally friendly. They contain no hazardous materials or harmful organic compounds. They employ energy-efficient technology during standby and when in use. And you can save even more with Schindler’s regenerative drive systems that put electricity back into the grid to be used by other devices in the building.

Comfortable mobility

Residents will appreciate the pleasant atmosphere that Schindler elevators evoke. Their lighting, fixtures and colors match your building’s architecture. They provide ride comfort and quiet running on a daily basis. Schindler has the right solution for residents and building planners.

Schindler Vietnam Residential Buildings Facilities Mia Hotel Thumbnail Image

Mia Hotel

Location: District 2, HCMC

No. of unit: 4 units of S3300 & 1 unit of S5500

Vietnam Australia International School

Location: District 7, HCMC

No. of unit: 2 units of S3300 

The Vista An Phu

Location: HCMC 

No. of unit: 32 units of S5400 

Estella Heights

Location: District 2, HCMC 

No. of unit: 9 units of S5500, 12 units of S7000 & 18 units of S9300