Oldest passenger elevator in Switzerland still running in Lucerne


The residential and commercial building at Hirschengraben 33b in Lucerne, built in 1912, was professionally renovated inside and outside in 2007/2008.​​

At the same time, Schindler also modernized the then nearly one hundred yea​r old cable hoist with a beautiful wooden cabin and extended it by one floor.

The owner of the building knew for a long time that his rope hoist with wooden cab is a valuable object of Swiss elevator history. However, it was only during the redevelopment and sub-protection of the building that it became clear to everyone that this lift was the oldest, still originally faithful Schindler system in Switzerland.

Art Deco House in the center of the city

Art Deco House in the center of the city

The prestigious residential and commercial building built in the Art Deco style has a moving history behind it. Originally, the owner was a dentist and built a modern dental practice on the first floor. The post office hired the ground floor to cover the needs of the fast-growing neighborhood.

The five-story house has all the characteristics of a representative house of that time: generous rooms, partially decorated with stucco ceilings, bathrooms - at that time still something extraordinary - and large windows. A true jewel though is the antique Schindler elevator in the elengant stairway. At the time, only just the better hotels or business locations in Lucerne were offering elevators. Elevators in residential areas were considered an absolute luxury.

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