Message from General Director of Schindler Vietnam


My Schindler Family,

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go Fast - Far, go TOGETHER and have Fun.”

I would like to thank you for your relentless efforts in 2019! It was a year full of action, activities and amazing announcements. We made outstanding progress in Safety, Quality, Efficiency, Digital Business – Schindler Ahead, important decisions in partnerships, people movements and business expansion, especially the Grand opening of our new Factory. These great outcomes are stem from our consistency in Frontloading, investment in upgrading facilities, training and developing people. I have a great confidence in our team that today, we know exactly “what we have to do, and why we have to do it”. We must continue to pursue high standard of performances in all areas.

I am proud of the work that we had accomplished in 2019, to grow Schindler brand as it is today, it is relevant and robust. Our long-term commitment to building a strong, bold company is on track and the question on top of everyone’s mind now is: “What’s next for us in 2020 and new decade?”

My answer is: everything we have done so far is just the beginning of the journey, however it lay critical rock foundation for the Growth of Schindler Vietnam to be a Trusted partner to our Customers and Colleagues. In 2020, to sustain our leading position, we must “Disrupt and Lead”, continue doing things differently, embracing changes and being innovative. However, just like in our personal life, as we embark on a new year, why not spend a few moments reflecting on what kind of resolutions we can serve better for our Customers, our Team and Partners (and ourselves).

  1. Think and Act safely, follow safety rules and procedures.
  2. Challenge yourself, be a better you each day, bring innovative ideas and efficiency while not compromise on Quality.
  3. Be a good team player, Collabor-Action, share knowledges and information.
  4. Stay so close to our customers with clear plan of Services and Supports.
  5. Keep “Can Do” attitude and building high performance culture.

The old saying “old habits die hard” is no joke. Habits are easy to make and hard to break. In 2020, make effort to reach your customers in a new way. Just because we’ve come to the new year doesn’t mean that you get to ignore last year entirely. There is probably a lot of great comments that were shared with you over the past year about your performance review. Don’t just file the feedbacks in a 2019 file folder, what steps will you take to ensure a “New Year, New You” type of mindset?

In my F3 (Fun – Fair – Firm) leadership spirits, I commit to continuously develop local talents, support diversity and social responsibility, and sustain Schindler Vietnam a company of choice.

Sincerely yours,

Vu, Huy Ta
General Director of Schindler Vietnam

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