Schindler Digital benefits

Schindler Digital helps provide the control you've been looking for.

Schindler Digital Real-Time Updates

What makes Schindler Digital different?

It's proactive.

It identifies, diagnoses and resolves issues quickly so that you have answers fast.

It's smart.

It knows your equipment and has the ability to make more accurate predictions about when they'll need maintenance.

It's informative.

It gives you information you can use, like real-time updates on status, service call resolution and history for your elevators and escalators.

Benefits of Schindler Digital

  • Better reliability
  • Proactive communication
  • Faster service
  • Cost control
  • Data and insights at your fingertips
  • Options that meet your needs.

Using the power of data

See how you can save with Schindler Digital. Our advanced monitoring platform has the ability to help you immediately and siginficantly reduce your costs using the power of data.

Schindler Digital offers:

  • Remote troubleshooting for fewer on-site visit charges
  • Optional no "Running on Arrival" fee guarantee
  • Eliminate your costly landline bill and coordination with mutlple vendors with Schindler's cellular solution.
Schindler Digital Push Notifications