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Schindler Digital: The always-connected smart service solution

Welcome to the future of how we interact with elevators and escalators.

Imagine you could connect all of your elevators and escalators to one centralized monitoring and diagnostics service.  One that works on any brand, make or model.  With all the information provided online and in a mobile app.

Now it's a reality, and it's only from Schindler.

Schindler Digital Movie

Schindler Digital Movie

What is Schindler Digital?

  • A new remote connectivity platform that helps you monitor, troubleshoot, and track all of your elevators and escalators from one centralized hub.
  • A comprehensive smart service suite that includes online and mobile portfolio management and remote monitoring.
  • An integrated, Internet of Things solution that gives you proactive information, better reliability and increased uptime--all while helping you control costs.
  • A flexible solution that works on any elevator or escalator, without the need for a dedicated phone line. All you need is a cellular connection.
Schindler Direct

Schindler Direct

24/7 remote diagnostics tool