Schindler Scan & Show Touchless Call an elevator with your smartphone

Schindler’s Scan & Show touchless solution allows riders to call an elevator by simply scanning a QR code using their own smartphone.

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Benefits for facilities

Ease of installation. Scan & Show can be installed during new construction or into existing buildings.

Compatibility. Scan & Show is available for Schindler 3300 and Schindler 5500 elevators.

One-stop solution. Schindler provides an end-to-end solution that includes the QR code decal set, upgraded car operating panel, upgraded hall fixture, and activation.

Benefits for riders

Touchless operation. Scan & Show enhances cleanliness in elevators by decreasing the need to make physical contact with the controls.

True convenience. Scan & Show relies on an iOS or Android smartphone with camera.

Intuitive use. The highly intuitive QR codes and smartphone interface are easy to use, providing a smooth and enjoyable rider experience.

Set up and installation

Easy activation. During the installation, elevators are programmed to enable Scan & Show.

Updated fixtures. A new car operating panel and hall fixtures are installed.

QR codes. QR codes provided by Schindler are placed on the door frames or around the elevator call buttons.

How does it work for passengers?

Step 1 - Scan

Scanning the QR code with a smartphone camera brings riders to an easy to use interface where they can enter their destination floor right on their smartphone.

Step 2 - Show

Riders simply show the QR code that automatically appears on their phone to the elevator hall fixture. Once inside the elevator, riders show the same QR code to the car operating panel camera to place their landing request.

Schindler CleanMobility solutions are not intended to prevent disease. These provide practical measures to maximize social distancing in a small space for a short duration and are they are not intended as a substitute for applicable CDC guidelines and recommendations.

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