Handrail Sanitization Options For Escalators & Moving Walks

Viruses and bacteria may be transferred through hand contact on the handrails of escalators and moving walks. Public areas with dense passenger flow are fast channels for the spread of viruses and bacteria. The question of how to clean handrails most efficiently has become a matter of great urgency.

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Discover advanced hygiene protection

Schindler safe sanitization solutions available:

  • CleanRail
  • Ultra UV
  • Ultra UV PRO
Schindler Safe - UV Disinfected, Antimicrobial Handrail

Schindler Safe handrail sanitization solutions for escalators & moving walks

Antimicrobial & UV cleaning solutions

About Schindler CleanRail

Schindler CleanRail provides antimicrobial protection, allowing passengers to enjoy their ride with a high level of hygiene. The antimicrobial addition to the thermoplastic polyurethane body inhibits the ability of microbes to function. The additive is engineered for plastic and textile applications.

About Schindler Ultra UV and Ultra UV PRO

The Schindler handrail Ultra UV device uses germicidal UVC light to treat the handrails at a short distance. This directly damages DNA and RNA, which are the genetic materials of bacteria and viruses, preventing their rapid spread, and also provides a comfortable handrail surface for passengers. 

Thanks to the physical disinfection process using UVC LED lighting technology, handrails are disinfected in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. The device is installed inside the escalator or moving walk to ensure passenger safety. The design makes it easy to install. The Schindler handrail Ultra UV device is a practical solution to help prevent the rapid spread of bacteria and viruses.

The Ultra UV PRO device works similarly to the standard Ultra UV device, but operates at a higher efficacy, providing even an more efficient level of disinfection.

Compare Schindler hygiene solutions

SolutionsSchindler CleanRail*Schindler Ultra UV*
and Ultra UV PRO*
Installation locationHandrailInside the unit
Disinfection principleDamage to the genetic material of bacteriaDamage to the genetic material of bacteria and viruses
Lighting type-1x LED - Ultra UV; 2x LED - Ultra UV PRO
Disinfection effectAdditive ensures inherent continuous and automatic antimicrobial effect
Continuous and automatic disinfection of the surface from bacteria and viruses

User benefits

- Branding signals antimicrobial effect
- Green and energy efficient

- Installation inside the unit provides invisible protection for passengers
- Physical disinfection with no chemical or heavy metal residue
- Green and energy efficient

* Sanitization solutions can be selected individually or combined to achieve a higher standard of hygiene protection
* The Ultra UV device requires the use of either Ultra UV or Ultra UV PRO

Vs. Ordinary Chemicals

  • Inactivate bacteria and viruses by acting on their proteins
  • Manual cleaning is not always possible
  • Difficult to guarantee accurate disinfection dosing, affecting the disinfection result
  • Risk of secondary pollution
  • Chemicals irritate skin
  • May corrode the surface of handrails

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