Schindler modernization for mid-rise elevators

Using the latest technologies, Schindler can quickly and easily modernize older elevators in mid-rise buildings. The Schindler 6400 mid-rise elevator modernization package offers reliable technology with a streamlined process - from engineering and ordering, right through delivery and installation.

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Modernizing your mid-rise elevators with the Schindler 6400 package can improve your building's value and contribute to better leasing conditions and higher occupancy rates.

Advanced technology, field proven

Packaged into an integrated group of upgrades, the Schindler 6400 brings the benefits of gearless technology and Schindler's suspension traction media (STM) to mid-rise elevators. 

  • FMM 200 modular gearless machine designed for use in existing machine rooms
  • STM require less space than traditional cables and offer a smoother, reliable ride
  • Schindler Miconic® TX controllers for unbeatable traffic handling
  • Schindler Power Factor 1 energy-efficient, regenerative drives
  • Schindler Varidor 50A door operators
  • Schindler Lobby Vision® (optional)
  • Schindler PORT Technology destination-dispatching (optional)

Schindler's PORT Technology for mid-rise buildings

Schindler’s Destination Technology for mid-rise buildings

Schindler's award-winning PORT Technology delivers smart mobility. It offers personalized service and access control, and unmatched performance.

For existing buildings, Schindler's patented Destination Interface process can upgrade most any existing controller to PORT Technology with a "flip of a switch".

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