Destination Interface

No matter how old your property, you can compete with mid- to high-rise buildings of today by employing The PORT Technology. Low cost, maximum ROI. 

Building Modernization

  • Schindler's unique Destination Interface modernization process allows us to bring virtually any brand of equipment to The PORT Technology quickly and economically.
  • The process can quickly and easily convert/upgrade conventional controls to The PORT Technology destination dispatch, and can be implemented as the first step of a more comprehensive phased modernization of older technology. 
  • Destination Interface is cost-effective, with immediate performance improvements and personalization benefits, with minimal downtime.
  • Destination Interface has been implemented around the globe on most every type of control.

PORT Technology: Modernization Benefits

  • Substantially increased handling capacity adds flexibility and efficiency.
  • Reduced wait and destination times for passengers in all traffic modes lead to improved productivity for tenants.
  • RFID access control options can allow the partition of tenants to better manage the movement of people through your property, while giving more options for reducing costs.
  • Personalization features can provide individuals and groups more options, including concierge service for passengers who require privacy.
  • The system provides the ability to seamlessly manage delivery and maintenance calls without disrupting normal traffic.
  • ECO (Energy Control Option) mode provides significant energy savings by switching the unused elevators into standby mode during non-peak times.
Green solutions for older buildings - PORT Technology
Explore green features in detail by clicking features below.

Schindler Power Factor 1 (PF1) Regenerative Drives

Reduce the building’s elevator system energy costs.

During light elevator loads on ascent or heavy loads on descent, the Power Factor 1 drive system can regenerate the energy back into the building’s electric system. Since the drives generate less heat, additional energy savings are achieved through reductions in machine room cooling requirements. Schindler has a full range of drives to suit the needs of your system most efficiently and cost effectively; available for both AC and DC drives.

Modular Gearless AC Machines

Provide maximum efficiency and flexibility.

Schindler modular AC gearless machines are specifically designed to simplify installation in existing machine rooms, providing robust yet highly efficient operation, while maintaining optimized ride quality. They can ship disassembled then be reassembled in the machine room. Dimensions are optimized so that they are compatible with corresponding hoistway dimensions.


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