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Schindler Vision

Leadership through customer service.
At Schindler our vision is to achieve market leadership through providing exceptional value to our customers. In addition to providing competitive products, we must deliver industry leading services and world class customer care.

In order to do so our business processes must be designed to serve our customers in a hassle free and responsive manner.

Schindler Values

Over 60,000 Schindler employees work around the clock to serve one billion people using our elevators and escalators everyday. Safety for each one of our customers and employees is first and foremost.


Create value for the customer
As a service company, we rely on a strong customer orientation as the basis for design and delivery of all products and services as well as the continuous optimization of our internal processes.


Commitment to People Development
Only the right people can create exceptional value for our customers. We develop our employees’ skills to effectively work with our customers in understanding their needs and how they can get the most value from our products and services.

Schindler strives to be the preferred employer in its industry and all countries of the world where it does business.

We promote diversity and equal opportunity in hiring and developing our people.


Visible Leadership
Schindler empowers its people at all levels to make decisions and develop skills necessary to be leaders who can shape the course of the company’s direction.


Integrity & trust
All our employees, regardless of position, function or location adhere to the Schindler Code of Conduct. Schindler fosters open and trustworthy relationships between employees as well as with customers.