Schindler teams up with Apple

Schindler moves more than one billion people every day. To keep people moving safely and reliably, Schindler has equipped its workforce with mobile solutions powered by iOS and custom apps that allow access to important systems and data.

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In 2013 Schindler commenced its association with Apple. The decision to move to the iOS device and platform was based on the high level of security and standardized operating system across several hardware generations. 

Schindler technician using his device

All tools to get the job done

For the technicians in the field the iPhone is an all-in-one tool that helps to structure the work day and to work more efficiently and productively. A collection of custom iOS apps give technicians all the tools and resources they need to get the job done. From ordering spare parts to watching video tutorials, Schindler’s workforce has unprecedented access to information whenever they need it.

Sensors attached to Schindler elevators and escalators send millions of messages per day to a back-end connectivity system. This data is interpreted and then provided to Service Leaders, Field Technicians or even customers through self-developed apps. 

Partnership with the right values

"We move more than a billion people every day. One billion. It’s one-sixth of humanity every day. It is a humbling figure. It is one that gives the scale of our mission and what we decide to undertake. It relates to our fundamental values of safety and reliability.” — Silvio Napoli, CEO, Schindler.