The Schindler Brand Trusted. Professional. Smart.

Schindler means much more than making elevators and escalators. We move over 1.5 billion people every day, on five continents, all over the world. Schindler delivers mobility for all with passion and emotion.

The Schindler customer promise

We promise that our products, our services and our actions will at all times be worthy of the description: Trusted, Professional and Smart. These three words sum up our commitment to adding value to our customers' buildings and businesses through reliability, integrity, expertise, experience, intelligence and innovation.

Schindler - Trusted


Trust is always the hardest value to earn in a relationship, and the easiest to lose.

We know that success depends on earning the confidence of our customers by providing them with quality products, services and solutions that bring them value and peace of mind.

And trust is built upon over 145 years of unbroken service, and continuous, family-owned management. We respect our heritage and remain true to our legacy of trust.

And we know that we have to keep earning that trust every day. 

Schindler - Professional


We have over 30,000 specialist engineers, and every one of them is fully trained, certified and re-trained regularly to keep them up to date with the latest technologies, regulations and codes.

Behind them, experts from complementary disciplines add their own vital contributions to ensure quality, customer focus and continuous improvement in R&D, training, IT, marketing, testing, and much more.

We strive always to be a professional partner to our customers, by adding value to their business, and adding quality to the infrastructure of the urban world.

Schindler - Smart


Schindler has pioneered the elevator and escalator industry in developing intelligent, integrated and innovative mobility solutions.

The PORT Technology and myPORT integrated building and elevator control systems lead the world in providing high-performance, high-security mobility in complex contemporary buildings.

And Schindler Ahead has established us as leaders in adding elevators and escalators to the Internet of Things.

Smart solutions come from smart people with smart ideas and the encouragement to develop them. We will always be enablers of smartness.

Schindler Logo

Schindler Logo

Our brand means mobility. Its name, symbol, and colors are built on tradition. But at the same time, its three-dimensional elegance points to the future, communicating dynamism and movement. It expresses technical precision and utmost quality.

The logo with its solid roots is a clear statement of our identity:
Reliable, Moving, Trailblazing.

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