Employees Featured in Elevator World's People Issue


Congratulations to both Heather Bowen, Director of Digital Innovation, and to Ricky Peters, National Modernization Efficiency Manager, for being included in Elevator World's second edition of The People Issue. This issue highlights leaders and individuals instrumental to the elevator and escalator industry. Their inclusion in this issue recognizes their accomplishments and contributions to Schindler and the industry.

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Schindler Elevator - Heather Bowen
Heather Bowen - Director of Digital Innovation

Bowen’s perseverance in a historically male-dominated industry is fueled by her love of science and has informed her tenure at Schindler as an advocate for diversity on her teams.

Nominator said of Bowen:
“She has both witnessed and led a major digital revolution that has not only helped shape the strategic vision of a nearly 150-year-old company, but also changed the face of urban mobility. Bowen’s team-focused, customer-first mentality is a proven asset for Schindler’s leadership in the complex market of IoT products. The launch of Schindler Ahead and products like ActionBoard, which connects equipment, customers and passengers with Schindler’s technical operations center and technicians for improved reliability, safety and cost savings, is a tangible example of Bowen and the team’s forward-thinking approach to digital solutions.”

Schindler Elevator - Ricky Peters
Ricky Peters - National Modernization Efficiency Manager

James “Ricky” Peters has been in the elevator industry for 23 years, and is currently the National Modernization Efficiency Manager for Schindler, where he leads a team focusing on executing modernizations and ensuring operation absolutes into the organization.

Nominator said of Peters:
“He has excelled at each position he filled.”