Local Major Accounts

Local Major Accounts

Local partnerships work


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National Customer Contact Centre

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Not all our customers have portfolios that require a national key account management structure, but all projects are important to Schindler.

In each of our regions we have dedicated local account managers who look after our regional major accounts. It is important that the local team are very much aware of the customer's needs and requirements. A single point of contact in the region is essential to consistency and quality of service. 

You can rely on Schindler locally

As with our National Key Account team, the local team of account managers and support staff are dedicated to understanding your requirements and ensuring that these requirements are met.

Local partnerships between our customers and Key Account team
Local partnerships between our customers and Key Account team

We can offer:

  • A single point of contact
  • Customer-specific framework agreements
  • Portfolio, site or individual unit performance reporting
  • 24/7 contact through our National Customer Contact Centre
  • Customised invoicing and billing agreements
  • Engineer network to deal with multi-brand technology
  • Local support from our regional service delivery structure