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National Customer Contact Centre

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Schindler Continuous Communication
Expert advice from our highly trained contact centre staff

Continuous Communication

Our UK based National Customer Contact Centre is manned 24 hour per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. The Centre is designed to provide fast and effective handling of calls and enquiries including emergency calls and automated communications to ensure emergency systems are maintained effectively.

The moment your call comes into the Schindler Customer Service network, your building and equipment information will automatically appear on the screen of a Schindler Customer Service agent. Simply tell us what the issue is and your agent will alert an engineer via Schindler FieldLinkTM.

The engineer will have immediate access to all the details of your call including location and who to contact on arrival at the building. Upon request the engineer can transmit an estimated time of arrival to site which in turn will be communicated to you by the agent.

Schindler National Customer Contact Centre
Expert advice on your lift and escalator enquiry

Expert Customer Service Representatives

The lynch pin of any Customer Contact Centre are the handpicked, expertly trained Customer Service Representatives who handle your enquiries in a professional manner:

Whether its re-routing your call to the appropriate individual within the Schindler organisation or dispatching an engineer to your site in an emergency situation, their polite and efficient techniques will calm and reassure customers that their enquiry or issue is important and will be promptly dealt with.

State of the Art Technology

Linking directly into our Global Database, our Customer Service Representatives have a direct route of communication to our technical experts within the UK and the wider Schindler organisation. Fast and accurate access to real-time, information using bespoke CRM (Customer Relation Management) technology means our representatives are able to handle your call quickly and efficiently.

Our bespoke Voice Over Internet Protocol technology integrates with our CRM system to eliminate the more complex solutions inherent in other systems and offers a more standardised solution. This requires less equipment management, is more reliably fault tolerant and can ultimately support many forms of communication to meet all your business needs.

Inbound and Outbound Recording of Calls
Calls recorded for peace of mind

Inbound and Outbound Recording of Calls

The monitoring and evaluation of all calls ensures our Customer Service Representatives develop their skills through a process of continuous improvement.

All calls into the National Customer Contact Centre are recorded, which allows for a quick and easy reference guide should customer information or other call content be required, offering a tangible solution to accurate client or customer feedback.

Disaster Recovery

The Schindler Ltd Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan defines key business processes and minimises the impact of threats on standard operational norms.

In the event of a major phone or electrical outage, Schindler has the ability to implement a robust Disaster Recovery Plan and to switch to a secondary location, in order to minimise the disruption of service to our customers and ensuring a minimum level of service disruption.

Schindler where the customer comes first

Leadership through Customer Service

“Our UK based National Customer Contact Centre is managed in-house at our Head Office in Sunbury on Thames, thus ensuring we have total control of this pivotal function within our business”.

Field Operations Director

“We believe our National Customer Contact Centre provides an essential service for all our customers. We have, despite the tough economic environment, invested in this state of the art facility in order to further improve our already high standard of customer service.”

Michael Dobler, Managing Director, Schindler Ltd UK & Ireland