Schindler 6500 - Modernization

Schindler 6500

Capacity: 630 kg - 2'500 kg, 8 - 33 passengers
Travel height: up to 150 m and 50 floors
Speed: 1.0 m/s up to 3.0 m/s


Modernisation Department

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Outstanding performance

The Schindler 6500 comes with the latest traffic management technology, ensuring availability and performance right when it is needed.

Schindler 6500 - The flexible way to create space

The flexible way to create space

Optimized accessibility and the perception of a spacious interior is what the Schindler 6500 delivers to your commercial building. The car adapts to the shaft in 50 mm steps and the door can be placed in 1mm steps, exactly where needed.

Schindler 6500 - Performance on the rise

Performance on the rise

Featuring the latest motion and traffic management technology, the Schindler 6500 significantly outperforms older elevators, delivering a faster, quieter and more comfortable ride.

Schindler 6500 - Green Mobility

Green mobility

The Schindler 6500 consumes up to 30% less energy than the previous generation of equivalent elevators, offering economic and ecological efficiency.

Schindler 6500 - Standard design mix and match

Standard design mix & match

Combine colors, materials, lighting and fixtures from four pre-selected interior design lines or create your own look. The Schindler 6500 design range offers unlimited possibilities.